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Идиомы и поговорки на английском языке о животных

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Идиомы и поговорки на английском языке о животных

Idioms and Sayings about Animals with explanation

На английскомОбъяснение
1 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush Having something for certain is better than the possibility of getting something better
2 A bird's eye view The appearance of something seen from above
3 A cat nap A short sleep, during the day
4 A cold fish Someone who doesn't show how they feel
5 A cuckoo in the nest Someone who is part of a group but is different and often disliked, or a problem that grows quickly and crowds out everything else
6 A dark horse A person who is secretive and often does something surprising
7 A dead duck A failure
8 A different kettle of fish A different matter or issue
9 A dog and pony show A show or other event that has been organized in order to get people's support or to persuade them to buy something
10 A fat cat Someone who is very rich and powerful
11 Ants in one's pants Unable to sit still or remain calm out of nervousness or excitement
12 A scaredy-cat Someone who is frightened for no reason
13 A shaggy dog story A joke or story that's obviously not true or has a silly ending
14 A wolf in sheep's clothing Someone who is dangerous, but pretends to be harmless
15 Bark worse than bite Used to describe someone who makes threats but never carries them out
16 Barking up the wrong tree The government was barking up the wrong tree with their proposal to sell off the UK's forests. To make the wrong choice, or ask the wrong person
17 Birds of a feather flock together People who have similar characters or similar interests will often choose to spend time together
18 Bull in a china shop A person with no tact who upsets others or upsets plans
19 Cash cow A good way to make money
20 Cat nap A short sleep
21 Chicken out To decide not to do something out of fear (usually just before)
22 Copy cat A person who does the same thing as someone else
23 Eager beaver A pearson who is excited about doing certain work
24 Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while Sometimes people can be correct just by being lucky
25 Get the lion's share Get the greatest percentage
26 Gone to the dogs Used when someone or somewhere becomes less successful than it was
27 Has the cat got your tongue Said when someone isn't saying anything
28 Hold your horses Wait and be patient
29 It's raining cats and dogs It's raining very heavily
30 Kangaroo court A self-appointed group that decides what to do to someone who is supposed to have done wrong
31 Kill two birds with one stone Get two things done at once
32 Let sleeping dogs lie Leave something alone if it might cause trouble
33 Like a fish out of water To be uncomfortable in a particular situation
34 Living in cloud cuckoo land Used to describe someone who has ideas or plans that are completely unrealistic
35 Look what the cat's dragged in An insulting way of saying that someone has just arrived and they don't look good
36 Monkey see, monkey do Silly / unintelligent people tend to copy each other's actions
37 Mutton dressed (up) as lamb To describe a woman who is dressed in a style that is more suitable for a much younger woman
38 Not enough room to swing a cat Used to describe a place that is very small
39 Raining cats and dogs Raining heavily
40 Rat race Fierce, competitive struggle for power, position
41 Sraight from the horse's mouth. To hear something interesting from someone actually involved
42 Something is fishy Used when something is suspicious
43 Talk the hind leg off a donkey To talk a lot
44 (the) birds and the bees Sex education
45 The cat's whiskers When someone thinks they're better than everyone else
46 The early bird catches the worm If you do something in a timely manner you will succeed
47 The elephant in the room A problem or situation that everyone knows about but no one mentions
48 The worm has turned When a usually meek person or group of people becomes angry
49 To badger someone To pester someone into doing something
50 To be a chicken or To be chicken or to be chicken livered Someone who is cowardly
51 To be a fly on the wall To want to be somewhere secretly, so you can overhear what is said
52 To be as sly as a fox To be sneakily clever
53 To be dog-eared If something is dog-eared, it is in bad condition
54 To be dog tired To be exhausted
55 To be like a bear with a sore head To be in a bad mood
56 To be like a bull in a china shop To be clumsy
57 To be like a cat on a hot tin roof To be nervous and unable to keep still
58 To be like a dog with two tails To be very happy
59 To be like a rabbit in the headlights To be so frightened or surprised that you cannot move or think
60 To close (shut) the stable door after the horse has bolted To try to fix something after the problem has occurred
61 To cry wolf To raise a false alarm about something
62 To eat like a horse To eat a lot
63 To have ants in your pants To be unable to keep still because you are very excited or worried about something
64 To have a bee in your bonnet To be obsessed about something
65 To have bigger fish to fry To have more important things to do
66 To have a tiger by the tail To have become associated with something powerful and potentially dangerous
67 To get someone's goat To upset someone
68 To kill two birds with one stone To solve two problems with a single action
69 To let the cat out of the bag To reveal a secret
70 To look like the cat that got the cream To look very pleased and a bit smug about something
71 To not give a hoot To not care
72 To not give a monkey's Used to express lack of concern or interest
73 To put a cat among the pigeons To cause trouble
74 To pull a rabbit out of the hat To surprise everyone by suddenly doing something clever
75 To talk turkey To speak frankly and openly
76 To open a can of worms To do something that exposes a very difficult issue or set of problems
77 Water off a duck's back Said when someone doesn't let things upset them
78 What's sauce for the goose, (is sauce for the gander) If you think something is acceptable for one person, it should also be acceptable for another person
79 Wouldn't say boo to a goose Describes someone who is very nervous
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